The future of learning platforms!

Normally people talk about LMS – Learning Management System. A system for managing and presenting courses and training material online for users.

We would like to offer something more and have therefore developed a unique concept for online learning that we call KiP –Knowledge is Power.

Customise the learning platform based on your needs and requirements with different modules. One more key feature of KiP is the possibility to use the strength of your brand identity and incorporate it throughout the learning platform. 

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Tailor-made solutions

Check out this stunning presentation of STIHL Academy –  A modular platform built in Jahopp KiP which contains a variety of tools for both physical and digital education.

Contact us for more information, we would love to develop a tailor-made solution for your specific requirements.


Jahopp KiP

A module based platform where your needs and requirements determines the functionality and not the other way around. With responsive design, statistics, reports, permission levels, course programs, certifications and much more – this is the complete solution.

Digital courses

Create new courses directly in the platform or import existing digital courses.

Classroom courses

Create, manage and book students to classroom courses.


Create a custom pre/onboarding flow to suit the needs of your organization.

Custom design

Use the powers of your brand identity.

For all devices

Create content once and view it on all devices.

Course builder

Create online courses and content directly with our integrated authoring tool.


Create and manage registrations for physical events.


Find out what the participants really think about the trainings for maximum impact.

Group management

Assign courses to different groups and departments within your company.


Full support for the latest standards within digital learning.


Access statistics that fit your organization.


Utilize existing AD to make the log in process easier.


Frequently asked questions and answers.

Yes, with our classroom module you can create course occasions and manage information such as number of seats, place, prerequisites and other information that participants need to know to register. After registration, the participant receives a confirmation via email / text that he/she is registered on the course.

Yes, with our event module we also handle registrations for different types of events. Here, the participant can register for events and at the same time inform about any allergies and other important information that the company needs to be aware of.

There are no restrictions regarding the visual look and feel and we can fully adapt the whole platform to your brand guidelines.

Most systems on the market only support SCORM, which is a nearly twenty-year-old format for digital learning and has a lot of limitations. The new standard is called TinCan or xAPI and has advanced the possibilities for digital education compared to previous standards. With xAPI, you can track significantly more useful information from the digital learnings compared to SCORM, which often only handles whether the course has been completed or not.

In addition to importing existing educations, an authoring tool is included that makes it easy to create educations directly in the platform without any prior knowledge requirements. With “drag and drop”, you can easily add text, images and videos to create a visually attractive education in no time.

With our evaluation module, you can gather evaluations from the participants after completing the training. An email is sent out after completing the course with a link where the participants can anonymously register their opinions about the training and the results becomes available for you right away. It can be used for events, digital courses and classroom courses.


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