Jahopp KiP

A module based platform where your needs and requirements determines the functionality and result and not the other way around.

With responsive design, statistics, reports, permission levels, course programs, certifications and much more – this is the complete solution.

Digital courses

Create new courses directly in the platform or import existing digital courses.

Classroom courses

Create, manage and book students to classroom courses.


Create a custom pre/onboarding flow to suit the needs of your organization.

Custom design

Use the powers of your brand identity.

For all devices

Create content once and use it on all devices.

Course builder

Create online courses and content directly with our integrated authoring tool.


Create and manage registrations for physical events.


Find out what the participants really think about the trainings for maximum impact.

Group management

Assign courses to different groups and departments within your company.

Import existing courses

Full support for the latest standards within digital learning.


Access and export advanced course statistics


Utilize existing AD to make the log in process easier.

Digital courses

Produce your own digital courses directly with Jahopp KiP or use your favorite authoring tool for production and import them to the platform. Both options are possible in KiP.

Cost effective trainings

Produce your own cost effective courses directly in KiP and enroll these courses to either groups or users. Build courses in different

Choose the level of complexity for your courses and create your unique course structure. Use the advanced built-in page builder to create stunning content in just minutes.

Course enrollment

Controls access to your courses by enrolling courses to groups of users or directly to individual users. Read more about the strengths of using groups later on this page.

Create courses targeted for different groups in your organization to ensure that the content is targeted for their role. For example, you can create courses aimed specifically for employees within management, for employees in customer service or what roles that you may have in your organization.


Jahopp KiP supports the latest standards in digital learning. Take advantage of all the new data measuring points that TinCan / xAPI handles compared to the older standard SCORM.

TinCan / xAPI is more reliable, significantly better at collecting valuable data and it is constantly evolving and getting better all the time.

SCORM normally only handles completions / fails and the time consumed. With TinCan, you can get detailed reports on specific parts within a course as well as time spent and score for individual lesson/subjects.


Create interesting and challenging leaderboards to implement gamification in your online trainings. A competition element increases interest for the trainings and is an easy way to increase degree of participation.


Classroom courses

Jahopp KiP features a unique booking and management system for traditional classroom trainings.

Enjoy the benefits of handling all types of trainings in one platform and avoid troublesome booking management in third party applications.

In KiP you can create courses, manage participants, create occasions with self-register, manage reminders and set up an attendance check for the instructor to use. A part from user self-registering, the instructor/admin can choose to manually enroll users to a course if self-registering is not applicable.

The classroom module contains all the parts needed for an efficient handling of traditional educations. When creating a course, all the required information is added to the course and it’s occasions. Immediately when a user is booked on a classroom course, the participant can find their booking information on the user page where the other already started and applied courses is located. A booking message is also sent out via email upon registering.

If a course occasion is modified, a message is sent out via mail to the participants notifying them of the change. (For example, a changed time or a new location)

This module is only available in Pro/Enterprise packages.


Welcome your new employees from the beginning with access to a unique preboarding solution.

Our on/preboarding module handles all important steps that your new employees needs to complete before their employment starts or even during a pre-defined onboarding period.

This is a very powerful and flexible solution and can be adjusted to fit your organization. You can let new employees take part of content/courses before beginning their employment, or make a certain type of content be available immediately and the rest unlocked at a later stage in a pre-determined schedule. (For example on a weekly base or when certain goals is fulfilled.)

You can have a number of mandatory courses that must be completed before the new employee is admitted to the rest of the content outside the onboarding module.

This module is only available in Pro/Enterprise packages.

Custom design

Let your online training platform use the strength of your brand and implement it everywhere just like you do in the rest of your applications.

Historically LMS has been lacking the possibilities to implement brand identity in a good way. Often a simple color and logo change is all you got and that is something that we really want to change in the industry.

To make the training platform be a natural part of your digital portfolio it has to apply to the same graphic guidelines as the rest of your content. With KiP and it’s unique setup this is now possible, it is possible to design the platform in any way you want and we’re happy to help you get there. 

A full customization is available in the Enterprise package. With the Pro package you can adjust the color scheme, layout and logotype while the Enterprise offers a complete customization in every aspect.

Create content once - use on all devices

It may seem obvious when talking about web design these days, but traditional learning management systems often lack a good support for mobile devices, they are often primarily aimed at desktop users.

With Jahopp KiP, it is enough to create the content once and you can use on all platforms without separate versions or compatibility issues.

Course builder

With Jahopp KiP it’s easy to create amazing courses and quizzes without the need of external authoring tools. Courses are built by combining lessons and topics and you can choose to add examinations and quizzes inside the course itself or at the very end as a final stage.

Course enrollment can be controlled with group access if the course is targeted for a specific group of users. You can also choose to make the course available to all users at once or mandatory for all users and combine these two options with prerequisites if needed.

Build powerful tests using these question types:

  • Single choice question
  • Multiple choice question
  • Drag and drop
  • Sorting
  • “Fill in the blanks”
  • Essay questions that must be approved by a course leader


One of biggest advantages of using KiP is the possibility to gather multiple features in one and the same platform.

In addition to the classroom module, we also have an event module that handles bookings for different types of events and arrangements. Perfect for managing and a conference or a major kick-off or similar.

Participants book their spot for the event directly on the platform just as they do if they were to take a classroom course. An administrator can also register participants manually. Upon registration, they will then receive a confirmation mail with details of the event.

This module is only available in Pro/Enterprise packages.

Deltagarna bokar in sig på evenemanget direkt på plattformen precis som de gör om de skulle gå en klassrumskurs. En administratör kan också anmäla deltagare. Vid anmälan får de sedan en bekräftelse via e-post med detaljer om själva evenemanget.  

Denna modul erbjuds endast i paketen Pro/Enterprise.  


After completing the training, regardless of whether it is digital or physical, you may want to find out what the participants thought about the training. Was it something that was too difficult? Was there anything they liked extra much? Is there any room for improvement somewhere?

The participants receive an invitation sent via e-mail to carry out an anonymous evaluation on the platform. Data from the evaluation is later available for administrators on how the training was picked up among the participants.

This module is only available in Pro/Enterprise packages.

Group management

One of the key features of KiP is the ability to create groups within the learning platform that reflects your business. For example, you could create groups based on departments or business roles and then enroll courses to these groups.

In the Pro package we offer the possibility to create groups based on title, position and location. A full customization to fully reflect your company is offered in the Enterprise package.

Import already existing courses

If you already have created courses in a previous authoring tool you can choose to import these into KiP and use them just like before. In addition to support for SCORM, Jahopp KiP also handles TinCan (also called xAPI).

Imported courses created in external tools often have advantages compared to the ones created directly in KiP. These often contain more advanced user interactivity with animations and such and are built completely separately from the educational platform in an external authoring tool which can be an advantage

Jahopp KiP supports most of the authoring tools on the market that can export content in TinCan / xAPI (and SCORM). Examples of authoring tools that handle this are Storyline 360, Rise 360, GOMO Learning and Adobe Captivate. If you already have an existing course library that you want to use, please contact us first to ensure optimal functionality and reporting.

This module is only available in Pro/Enterprise packages.


We offer a very powerful tool for exporting learning data. You can, for example, export statistics for one or more courses divided into groups or a larger export that covers the entire company.

The statistics can be permission based, which means that a department head or equivalent can only see data for his/her specific department and their employees and does not have access to any data outside of that. To see more detailed statistics you would need to have a higher permission level.

The reports show the status of the course (not started, started, completed), how many steps have been completed and the date & time. The statistics can be exported as CSV data or as a formatted Excel file.

The Light package includes a standardized report where an administrator can view statistics for all users. In the Pro / Enterprise packages, the module can be tailored and adapted to different roles with different permissions, but also export data such as CSV / Excel.

Single Sign On

Use your already existing sign in system to make the whole process easier. We offer support for systems such as Microsoft Azure, OpenID, LDAP. If you have another system you would like to use, please reach out to us and we’ll look into it.