Make Knowledge Your Competitive Advantage.

Jahopp is a Learning Management Platform designed to create and manage knowledge and turn it into actionable skills that support your organizations growth.

We believe that every organization is as good as it people.

As a business owner, your success is intertwined with your employees. Our mission is to make learning as easy and engaging as possible. Investing in and securing your organization’s access to continuous learning will contribute to a smarter and more efficient workforce. 

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That is why we have created an adaptive Management System.

With outstanding customer service rarely seen in the LMS space, we will make sure to create an LMS experience that addresses your needs, that’s one brand, and that doesn’t break your wallet. With a step-by-step onboarding process, white labeling, and a measurable fair pricing model, we don’t charge per user. 

Jahopp KiP scales with your organization and is designed to meet your enterprise's various challenges.

Over the last 15 years, we have identified the features that supercharge the learning culture of most organizations. From knowledge sharing to course tracking, to our onboarding process, classroom management, and internal education, Jahopp KiP is designed to meet your needs. After installation, it can be integrated into your own CMS (Content Management System) and can also be rebranded as your own! 

Responsive Design

Build your courses to be used across all platforms. As a next-generation LXP, Jahopp is a responsive-design training platform. 


By using the latest standards in Tin Can / xAPI, Jahopp is setting the bar for digital learning platforms.

Scalable & Agile

Start with one course, onboarding process, or anything else. Scale up easily. 

Powerful Backend

Through Jahopp’s KiP backend, you can create courses, manage permissions, and view statistics, among other things. 

Time is valuable

Adding courses or lectures has never been easier. Using Jahopp KiP is easy to make the best use of your time in sharing knowledge.


Why does our clients choose to work with us?

Ulf Bokelund Svensson
Ulf Bokelund SvenssonCEO - Björn Lundén
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"Jahopp made everything easy. Creating classrooms, courses, track attendance and much more. We have 80+ courses that we provide on our platform so the ease of use matters a lot. The integration and onboarding went smoothly with the team, as they were more than helpful. "
Johan Appelqvist
Johan AppelqvistHead of Service & Training, ANDREAS STIHL NORDEN AB
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"We really like the rebranding feature that Jahopp KiP offers. That way, we can provide our dealers with a branded experience that strengthens their perception of the STIHL brand. The system is also very flexible and user friendly, and it was easy to merge our existing classroom education with the online training, using the same booking system. "
Camilla Hagberg
Camilla HagbergProject Manager at HusmanHagberg
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"There are plenty to like, for instance, Jahopp is deeply integrated with our intranet, that is one. Also that there are many modules that you can easily integrate with your platform. Jahopp KiP has been a great addition to our platform. It helped us cut the time spent creating and sharing content by a huge margin which increased our co-workers’ productivity. The consumption and completion rate of information has never been this high!"


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