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Digital Learning

With Jahopp, you have the flexibility to create your own digital courses directly within the platform or import courses that you’ve
created using a third party authoring tool. Whether you prefer to work within KiP or use a third-party tool for content production,
both options are fully supported within the platform.

Custom Design

Let your online training platform benefit from the strength of your
own brand identity. Traditional LMS solutions lack the possibility to
implement your own brand identity in the learning platform. Often
a simple color and logo change is all traditional LMS vendors offer
– this is something that we are passionate about changing at
Jahopp. To make the training platform be a natural part of your
digital portfolio it must follow to the same brand guidelines as the
rest of your content. With Jahopp and its unique setup, the
possibilities are endless.

Import Existing Courses

If you have created courses in a third-party authoring tool you can easily import them into KiP and your employees can access them here. In addition to support for TinCan / xAPI, Jahopp KiP also handles SCORM. Imported courses created in external tools often have advantages compared to the ones created directly in KiP. These often contain more advanced user interactivity with animations and such and are built completely separately from the educational platform in an external authoring tool which can be an advantage. Jahopp KiP supports most of the third-party authoring tools on the market that can export content in TinCan / xAPI (and SCORM).

Course Builder

Jahopp makes it simple and straightforward to create exceptional
courses and quizzes without requiring third-party authoring tools. Courses are constructed by assembling lessons and topics, and you have the option of including examinations and quizzes
either within the course itself or as a final stage.
Course enrollment can be managed using group access if you want to target a specific group of users. Additionally, you have the
flexibility to make the course available to all users at once, or
mandatory for all users. These options can be combined with prerequisites if necessary, ensuring that your learners receive the
right training at the right time.

Preboarding & Onboarding

Welcome your new employees with a comprehensive preboarding solution that streamlines their onboarding process. Our pre/ onboarding module provides a structured approach to help new employees complete all necessary steps before starting their employment or during a pre-defined onboarding period. The module is highly customizable to meet the unique needs of your organization. You can provide new employees with access to content and courses before their employment starts or stage the release of content on a pre-determined schedule. For instance, you can make certain content available immediately and unlock the rest of the material as the new employee progress through their onboarding journey. The pre/onboarding module also lets you manage mandatory courses that must be completed before new employees can access other content outside of the onboarding module. This helps you to ensure that all new employees receive

Admin dashboard

The Admin Dashboard in Jahopp allows the administrator to track statistics, visualize data, and track attendance to ensure that
the learning KPIs are met.

Course Grid

Over time when your course-count increases, our course grid module is the perfect module for providing users with an overview of content. With the familiar Netflix look-and-feel, it includes custom filtering and the option to share your unique filtering to a friend or a colleague. The course grid manages all courses regardless of whether they are digital or on-site.

Create Content Once - Use On All Devices

It may seem obvious when talking about web design these days, but traditional learning management systems often lack support for mobile devices, since they are often primarily aimed at desktop users. With Jahopp KiP, you create the content once and you can use it on all platforms – eliminating the need for multiple versions and without the risk of compatibility issues.


In the Statistics module you can see the status of any course (not started, started, completed), how many steps that have been completed and the date/time. The statistics file can be exported as .CSV data or as a formatted Excel file that you can download.

BankID (Sweden only)

BankID provides a fast and secure way for users to verify their identity, sign documents, policies, and even log in to Jahopp.
This means that your users can authenticate themselves with ease and speed, without having to go through cumbersome manual
identity verification processes. BankID is a well-established and widely used electronic identification system that is trusted by individuals, businesses, and government agencies alike. By integrating BankID into Jahopp KiP, you can provide a seamless and secure authentication experience
for your users, while also reducing the risk of identity fraud and
other security breaches.


Jahopp offers a convenient Calendar module that can be used
in conjunction with the News module. The Calendar module allows you to visualize important dates and events, including those related to specific courses or groups within the platform. Additionally, you
can easily import your calendar events to your personal calendar on Outlook or Google Calendar, ensuring that you never miss an important deadline or meeting. With the Calendar module, staying
organized and up-to-date has never been easier.

Dynamic Feed – News and more

The News module in Jahopp KiP allows you to create news and target specific groups within the learning platform, such as departments or business roles. You can even create news that only affects a specific course that specific users are enrolled in. This feature enables you to efficiently communicate with your employees and keep them informed of relevant news or updates related to their work or courses. Whether it’s a new policy, a change in schedule, or any other important announcement, the News module ensures that the right people receive the right information at the right time.

Group Management

Jahopp provides a powerful feature that allows you to create
custom groups within the learning platform that reflect the structure
of your business. This means you can create groups based on departments, business roles, or any other criteria that fits your organizational structure. Enrolling courses to these custom groups is easy, and ensures
that the right training is delivered to the right people. By grouping
users together in this way, you can also manage and track progress more efficiently, with the ability to monitor completion rates and performance by group. Overall, this feature helps you to tailor your training programs to the needs of your organization, and ensures that your employees
receive the most relevant and effective training for their roles. With
Jahopp KiP, you have the flexibility to create custom groups that work for your business, and the power to manage your training programs more effectively.

Import Existing Courses

tool, you can easily import them into the platform and use them just as you did before. Jahopp supports both TinCan/xAPI and SCORM,
ensuring that your imported content is compatible and fully functional within the platform. Imported courses often have distinct advantages over those
created directly within the platform, such as more advanced user interactivity
with animations and other features. These courses are built entirely outside of the educational platform using external authoring
tools, which provides greater flexibility and customization options.
Jahopp is designed to work seamlessly with most authoring tools on the market that can export content in TinCan/xAPI or
SCORM, ensuring that you have the freedom to use the tools you

Onsite Training or Webinars

Jahopp offers a comprehensive booking and management system for traditional classroom training, eliminating the need for multiple third-party applications. The platform allows you to create and manage courses, participants, occasions, and reminders with ease. You can set up an attendance check for instructors to use and enable self-registration for participants. If self-registration is not applicable, instructors can manually enroll users to a course. All the required information for a course is added when creating
it, including the schedule. Users who are booked for a classroom course can find their booking information on their user page, where
all previously started and applied courses are also located. Upon registering, a booking message is sent out via email. The on-site training module is not limited to physical classrooms, but can also be used for webinars with links to online meeting
platforms such as Teams or Zoom. If there are any modifications to a course schedule, a message is sent out via email to all participants notifying them of the change, such as a new location or time change. The module is a great addition for efficient handling of traditional education

Badges and Awards

Engage your learners and make learning more enjoyable by incorporating gamification elements into your training program with Jahopp’s badge and award system. Create custom
achievements and badges that users can earn by completing specific tasks or courses, and track their progress through their
learner profile. Whether you’re running digital or on-site courses, Jahopp’s blended learning environment allows you to seamlessly integrate
both types of training and reward learners for their efforts. With badges and awards, you can motivate users to complete courses
and engage in healthy competition with their peers, ultimately leading to a more successful training program.

Custom Design

Make your online training platform a seamless extension of your own brand identity by incorporating your visual identity throughout the entire platform, just as you do in your other applications. Traditional LMS solutions have typically offered limited options for customizing the learning platform with your brand identity, often limiting you to simple color and logo changes. We’re determined to change that within the industry. To truly integrate your training platform into your digital portfolio, it needs to adhere to the same graphical guidelines as the rest of your content. With Jahopp KiP’s unique setup, the possibilities for customizing your platform are endless, making it a natural and cohesive part of your brand experience.

Customized Statistics

Our learning management system provides a powerful tool for exporting learning data, which allows you to retrieve valuable statistics for your courses. You can export statistics for one or more courses, either by group or as a larger export covering the entire company. Our export feature is designed with privacy and security in mind, and supports permission-based access to data. This means that department heads or other authorized personnel can only access data for their specific department and employees, and do not have access to data outside of their remit. Higher-level permissions are required to access more detailed statistics. The reports generated by our export feature provide detailed information about the status of each course, including the number of steps completed, and the date and time of completion. You can export the data as a CSV file or a formatted Excel file, depending on your preference. We understand that each organization has unique needs, and our Statistics module can be tailored and adapted to meet the specific requirements of different roles and permissions. With our powerful export tool, you can access the data you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your training programs, and make informed decisions about your learning strategy.

Course Enrollment

Jahopp allows you to control access to your courses by enrolling
users directly or by creating groups to target specific segments within your organization. This enables you to tailor your
course content to the unique needs and roles of your learners. By creating courses targeted for separate groups within your
organization, you can ensure that the content is specific to their role.
For instance, you might create courses specifically for employees in management, customer service, or any other relevant roles in
your organization. This targeted approach can increase the effectiveness
of your training programs and improve the overall learning experience for your employees.

CV Management

The prospective employee uploads/starts filling out their CV, for example during pre-boarding. This can be made mandatory upon request from the employer based on the position and qualifications. An automated module is available as a solution for “filling in” the CV when the end user takes new courses or completes projects. Information is automatically retrieved from an external system such as an HR system or similar. The employee’s immediate supervisor/administrator has the ability to control access to the uploaded CV, allowing more people (those with authorization) than just the individual to access the CV when submitting bids, for example.


Jahopp offers a comprehensive platform that incorporates multiple features, including the event module in addition to the on-site training module. The event module is perfect for managing
various types of events, such as conferences or major kick-offs.
Participants can easily book their spot for the event directly on the
platform, just like they would for a classroom course. Additionally,
administrators can manually register participants. Upon registration,
participants receive a confirmation email with all the relevant
event details.


Gamification is the application of game elements and mechanics in non-game contexts, such as e-learning and online training platforms. In the context of an LMS, gamification can help to engage and motivate learners by introducing elements of competition, achievement, and fun into the learning experience. This can be achieved through features such as leaderboards, badges, and rewards, which encourage learners to compete with each other and earn recognition for their achievements. Gamification can also be used to incentivize learners to complete courses or specific learning objectives, by offering rewards or unlocking additional content or features. The goal of gamification is to create a more engaging and interactive learning experience, which can help learners to retain knowledge and skills more effectively.


Gamification is a proven strategy to increase engagement and participation in online training, and with Jahopp KiP, you can easily create leaderboards that will make your training program more interesting and challenging. By incorporating a competitive element, you can encourage learners to engage more deeply with the training, and provide an effective motivation to participate. Our platform allows you to create leaderboards that display the progress and scores of learners, promoting healthy competition among colleagues. You can customize these leaderboards to suit your specific training program and the goals you want to achieve. By using leaderboards, you can increase the motivation and engagement of learners, and ultimately improve the effectiveness of your training program. With KiP, you have the tools to create a dynamic and exciting learning environment, with features that keep your learners engaged and motivated throughout the training process.

Messaging and Chat

Engage in real-time communication and foster collaboration with our user-friendly chat module. The module offers versatile functionality allowing users to interact with each other in a course or as a social platform within your organization. It facilitates direct communication with the trainer, making it easy to ask questions and clarify questions in a private channel. Furthermore, it supports group-based chat channels based on departments or business roles, allowing users to connect with their colleagues and participate in discussions related to specific courses or topics. Users can also invite their colleagues to a course channel, making it easy to stay connected and work together.


Quizzes are an essential part of any Learning Management
System (LMS), as they provide a valuable opportunity for learners
to test their knowledge and retention of course material. Quizzes can be created using a variety of question types, including multiple
choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer, among others.

• Singel choice questions
• Multiple choice questions
• Drag and drop
• Sorting
• “Fill in the blanks”
• Essay questions that must be approved by a course leader

Single Sign On (SSO)

SSO (Single Sign-On) is an authentication method that allows users to log in to multiple applications or services with a single sign-in. Instead of having to enter their login credentials for each individual application or service, the user can authenticate once and then gain access to all the services without having to enter login credentials again. SSO works by using a central authentication platform that keeps track of user information and authentication credentials. When a user logs in to an application or service, their authentication credentials are forwarded to the authentication platform. If the user has already authenticated previously, the authentication platform will verify their identity and send back an authentication token to the application or service. This allows the user to access the application or service without having to enter login credentials again. The benefits of SSO include improved user experience, increased security by not having users manage multiple login credentials, and reduced administrative burden for organizations by not having to manage multiple authentication credentials for each user. In the example, MS 365 is used as the authentication platform.

Translation Module

Our user-friendly translation module allows you to translate the platform and create a multilingual experience with ease. By doing so, you can expand your reach, increase traffic and engagement, and explore new markets globally. Not only can you translate the course content, but you can also translate pages on the platform in multiple languages. With this feature, you can provide a personalized experience to users who prefer to navigate in their native language.

A unique learning experience

With our groundbreaking technology, we can tailor a unique curriculum that suits your organization’s specific needs and enhances engagement among your employees. Our user-friendly features make it easy to manage everything from learning materials to result evaluations, and our unique pricing models allow you to invest in learning without breaking the bank.

Experience the future of learning with Jahopp today!


Jahopp’s LMS platform revolutionizes the way you plan, implement, and assess learning processes. Whether you’re an educational institution, business, or organization, our user-friendly software application is designed to manage and deliver engaging online courses, training programs, and development initiatives. With Jahopp, instructors can effortlessly create and organize course materials, communicate effectively with students, and monitor their progress. Our feature-rich platform includes tools for course creation, multimedia support, assessments and evaluations, and detailed reporting and analytics. No matter your setting—be it schools, universities, businesses, or organizations—Jahopp’s LMS platform caters to your unique needs. Choose from our flexible options and unlock the potential of learning with Jahopp’s LMS platform today!
Jahopp’s LMS platform empowers organizations to plan, deliver, and track employee training with ease. By adopting our user-friendly software, your company can enjoy a range of benefits: Streamlined Efficiency: Simplify the training process for trainers and learners, saving valuable time and resources. Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting: Gain detailed insights into employee progress and completion, supporting performance evaluations and targeted training. Enhanced Engagement and Retention: Foster interactive and personalized learning experiences that increase employee engagement and retention of new knowledge. Cost Savings: Reduce expenses associated with in-person training sessions, travel, and production/distribution of training materials. Flexible Access: Enable employees to access training materials and complete coursework at their convenience, ideal for remote workers or those with busy schedules. Invest in Jahopp’s LMS platform to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s training and development initiatives.
Assess Your Needs: Identify your training goals, number of employees, and desired LMS features. Set Up and Configure: Customize the LMS to your needs by creating accounts, uploading materials, and setting up coursework. Train Employees: Provide comprehensive training on using the LMS, accessing materials, and tracking progress. Monitor and Improve: Continuously monitor usage, gather feedback, and make adjustments to enhance the system’s effectiveness. Implementing an LMS doesn’t have to be daunting. With Jahopp, you’ll enjoy a seamless experience and reap the rewards of a powerful training and development platform.
Boosted Efficiency: Streamline training processes for both trainers and learners, freeing up time and resources for other priorities. Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting: Keep tabs on employee progress and completion, facilitating performance evaluations and targeted training. Enhanced Engagement and Retention: Deliver interactive and personalized learning experiences to increase engagement and retention, leading to improved performance. Cost Savings: Reduce expenses associated with in-person training and the production/distribution of materials. Flexible Access: Empower employees to access training materials and complete coursework at their convenience, ideal for remote or busy individuals. An LMS is a valuable tool for optimizing your company’s training and development efforts. Experience the benefits with Jahopp’s user-friendly LMS platform.
Personnel: Dedicated staff to manage the system, including tasks like uploading materials, tracking progress, and troubleshooting. Training Materials: Access to high-quality content, including videos, text-based materials, quizzes, and interactive elements. Time: Sufficient time and resources for managing a complex training program or a large number of employees. Careful consideration of these resources ensures a successful and efficient LMS. With proper allocation, your LMS will remain up to date and operate smoothly. At Jahopp, we provide support and guidance to help you maintain your LMS effortlessly.