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Step into the future of learning with Jahopp – where innovation meets practicality.

Jahopp LMS

Jahopp is revolutionizing the global e-learning market with an innovative and cost-effective solution that surpasses traditional Learning Management System (LMS) vendors. Experience the unmatched flexibility of Jahopp, our cutting-edge learning platform.

Module based LMS

Discover a module-based platform that adapts to your organization’s unique needs and requirements. With responsive design, comprehensive statistics, detailed reports, customizable permission levels, structured course programs, certifications, on-site trainings, event booking, and much more, Jahopp offers a complete solution for all your learning management needs. Our delighted customers rave about the user-friendly interface and the incredible impact Jahopp has on knowledge enhancement within organizations. Experience unparalleled flexibility without compromising on functionality. Jahopp can be fully tailored to match your organization’s brand identity, ensuring a seamless integration.

Jahopp - The versatile LMS

Enjoy the versatility of our dynamic solution, accessible from any device, be it a tablet, smartphone, or computer. With our intuitive authoring tool, effortlessly manage multiple languages within the same platform, facilitating global collaboration and engagement. Experience the future of e-learning with Jahopp. Unlock the full potential of your organization’s learning journey and empower your workforce with our next-generation Learning Management System.


Initiate your new employees’ onboarding journey seamlessly using our comprehensive preboarding solution. Designed to streamline the onboarding process, our pre/onboarding module provides a structured system that guides new hires through essential steps, whether it’s before their employment begins or during a predetermined onboarding period.

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Our platform

With a module-based LMS, we offer our customers unique flexibility within their own learning platform.

We provide a platform where the customer’s needs and requirements determine the platform’s functionality, not the other way around. With responsive design, analytics, reports, permission levels, course programs, certifications, on-site training, event bookings, and much more – this is the complete solution.

Feedback from our customers has been fantastic, and market experience shows that Jahopp LMS is easy to use and a powerful tool for enhancing knowledge within organizations while maintaining flexibility.

The platform can be fully customized to match your organization’s brand identity. Our dynamic solution can be used on any device, such as tablets, smartphones, or computers. Our authoring tool allows you to manage multiple languages on the same platform.

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Custom Design LMS

Why settle for basic when you can infuse your training platform with the essence of your brand? Traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) barely scratch the surface, offering only simple color and logo changes. At Jahopp, we’re excited to revolutionize this. We believe your training platform should be a seamless extension of your digital portfolio, mirroring the same brand guidelines that define the rest of your content. With Jahopp’s unique setup, the sky’s the limit. Unleash the full potential of branding in your learning environment!

Create Once, Enjoy Everywhere

In today’s world, it might sound like a no-brainer, but surprisingly, many traditional learning management systems still don’t play well with mobile devices, focusing mainly on desktop users. With Jahopp, you break free from these constraints. Create your content just once, and it’s ready to roll on any device – no more juggling multiple versions or fretting over compatibility woes. Simplify your life and broaden your reach with Jahopp!

Import Existing Courses

Got courses made in other authoring tools? No problem! With Jahopp, importing them is a breeze, allowing your employees to access them right on the platform. We’re not just talking basic support here; Jahopp handles both TinCan / xAPI and SCORM. Good news is, Jahopp is compatible with most of these tools on the market, as long as they export in TinCan / xAPI or SCORM formats. Bring your courses together effortlessly!

Admin dashboard

The Admin Dashboard in Jahopp is a powerhouse for administrators. It’s where you can keep an eye on key statistics, bring data to life through visualizations, and monitor attendance. This tool is designed to make sure you’re always on top of your learning KPIs, ensuring your training program is hitting all the right notes. Stay informed and in control with Jahopp’s intuitive dashboard.

Course Grid

As your collection of courses expands, our course grid module steps up as the ideal solution for offering users a clear overview of all available content. Designed with a user-friendly interface reminiscent of Netflix, it includes customizable filtering options. Plus, there’s a neat feature to share your unique filter settings with friends or colleagues. The course grid is adept at handling every course you offer, be it digital or on-site, making course management a breeze.

Course Builder

Jahopp streamlines the process of crafting outstanding courses and quizzes, eliminating the need for any third-party authoring tools. You can build courses by simply piecing together lessons and topics. What’s more, you have the flexibility to incorporate exams and quizzes either within the course or as a concluding element. When it comes to enrollment, Jahopp offers versatile options. You can manage access through groups to target specific user segments, or open the course to everyone at once. You even have the option to make it mandatory for all users. Combine these features with prerequisites to ensure that your learners get the right training at just the right time.

Digital Learning

Jahopp gives you the freedom to either craft your own digital courses directly on the platform or import courses developed using third-party authoring tools. Whether you choose to create content within Jahopp or opt for external tools for content production, both pathways are seamlessly supported on our platform. This flexibility ensures that you can work in the way that suits you best.


The Statistics module in Jahopp offers a detailed view of every course’s status – whether it’s not started, in progress, or completed. You can also see how many steps have been completed and their respective date and time. For added convenience, the statistics can be exported as a .CSV file or as a formatted Excel file, ready for download. This feature ensures you have all the necessary data at your fingertips for thorough course monitoring and analysis.

BankID (Sweden only)

BankID offers a swift and secure method for users to authenticate their identity, sign documents and policies, and even log into Jahopp. This integration means users can authenticate themselves quickly and easily, bypassing the need for time-consuming manual identity checks. Recognized as a reliable and broadly adopted electronic identification system, BankID is trusted by individuals, businesses, and government agencies alike. Incorporating BankID into Jahopp KiP not only streamlines the authentication experience for your users but also significantly lowers the risk of identity fraud and other security issues.


Jahopp introduces a user-friendly Calendar module that works seamlessly alongside the News module. This feature enables you to clearly display key dates and events, including those associated with particular courses or groups on the platform. For added convenience, you have the ability to import these events directly into your personal calendars on Outlook or Google Calendar. This ensures you’re always on top of crucial deadlines and meetings. The Calendar module makes staying organized and informed simpler than ever.

Dynamic Feed – News and more

Jahopp’s News module is a powerful tool for crafting and delivering news tailored to specific groups within your learning platform, like different departments or business roles. It even allows for news items specific to a course, reaching only those enrolled in it. This functionality is key for effective communication with your employees, keeping them in the loop with pertinent updates or news related to their work or courses. Whether it’s announcing a new policy, a schedule adjustment, or other vital information, the News module ensures your message reaches the right audience at the perfect moment.

Group Management

Jahopp introduces a robust feature that lets you craft custom groups within its learning platform, mirroring the unique structure of your business. This means you can set up groups based on departments, job roles, or any other criteria that align with your organizational framework. Assigning courses to these custom groups is straightforward, ensuring that the appropriate training reaches the right individuals. This group-based approach not only simplifies user management but also enhances the efficiency of tracking progress, allowing you to observe completion rates and performance on a group level. This functionality is instrumental in customizing your training programs to meet the specific needs of your organization, making sure that employees receive training that’s most relevant and beneficial for their roles. Jahopp KiP offers you the versatility to create groups that perfectly fit your business needs, elevating the effectiveness of your training initiatives.

Onsite Training or Webinars

Jahopp provides an all-in-one booking and management system for traditional classroom training, making redundant the use of multiple third-party applications. This comprehensive platform simplifies the creation and management of courses, participant lists, schedules, and reminders. Instructors can utilize an attendance check feature, while participants have the option of self-registration. For cases where self-registration isn’t suitable, instructors can manually enroll users. Each course’s vital details, including its schedule, are inputted at the creation stage. Participants can easily access their booking details on their user page, which also displays their ongoing and previously enrolled courses. Additionally, upon registration, participants receive an email with their booking confirmation. The system’s versatility extends beyond physical classrooms. It’s equally adept at managing webinars, offering integration with online meeting platforms like Teams or Zoom. In the event of any schedule changes, such as new timings or locations, an automated email notification is sent to all enrolled participants. This module stands out as a highly efficient tool for managing traditional educational formats, both in-person and online.

Preboarding & Onboarding

Kickstart your new employees’ journey with our comprehensive preboarding solution, designed to smooth out the onboarding process. Our pre/onboarding module offers a well-structured system to guide new hires through all essential steps, either before they start or during a predefined onboarding period.

This module is highly adaptable, allowing you to tailor it to your organization’s specific needs. You have the flexibility to grant new employees access to content and courses even before their official start date, or you can choose to stagger the release of materials according to a set schedule. For example, certain content can be made available immediately, with additional resources unlocking progressively as the employee advances through their onboarding.

Additionally, the module enables you to administer mandatory courses that must be completed before new staff members gain access to other platform content outside of the onboarding area. This ensures a comprehensive and consistent introduction for all new team members.

Badges and Awards

Elevate your training program’s appeal by infusing it with fun, gamified elements using Jahopp’s badge and award system. You can design unique achievements and badges that learners earn upon completing specific tasks or courses. Their progress and accolades are easily trackable through their learner profiles. Jahopp’s flexible learning environment supports both digital and on-site courses, enabling a smooth integration of these formats. By rewarding learners with badges and awards, you’re not just recognizing their efforts but also fostering a spirit of healthy competition among peers. This approach not only motivates users to complete their courses but also enhances the overall success and engagement level of your training program.

Customized Statistics

Our learning management system features a potent data export tool, empowering you to access valuable course statistics. You can export statistics for individual courses or multiple courses, whether it’s for specific groups or an all-encompassing export spanning your entire organization. Our export functionality prioritizes privacy and security. It operates on a permission-based system, ensuring that department heads and authorized personnel can only access data pertinent to their departments and employees, without breaching boundaries. Access to more detailed statistics requires higher-level permissions.

The reports generated by our export tool offer comprehensive insights into each course’s status, encompassing the number of completed steps and the date and time of completion. You have the flexibility to export this data in either CSV or formatted Excel files, depending on your preference. Recognizing that every organization has unique needs, our Statistics module can be customized to align with different roles and permissions. With our potent export tool, you gain access to the data necessary for evaluating the efficacy of your training programs, enabling you to make well-informed decisions about your learning strategy.

Course Enrollment

With Jahopp, you have the power to manage course access either by enrolling users individually or by forming groups to target specific segments within your organization. This flexibility allows you to customize your course content to align with the distinct needs and roles of your learners. By designing courses specifically tailored to different groups within your organization, you ensure that the content is directly relevant to their respective roles. For example, you can create courses exclusively for management, customer service teams, or any other pertinent roles within your company. This targeted approach not only enhances the effectiveness of your training programs but also elevates the overall learning experience for your employees.

CV Management

In Jahopp, prospective employees can easily upload or start filling out their CV, particularly during the pre-boarding process. This can be made mandatory as per the employer’s request, depending on the specific position and qualifications. To streamline the process, we offer an automated module that simplifies the CV completion. It automatically populates relevant information as the end user takes new courses or completes projects. This data is fetched seamlessly from external systems such as HR systems. Additionally, the employee’s immediate supervisor or administrator holds the authority to manage access to the uploaded CV. This means that authorized individuals, beyond the employee themselves, can access the CV when needed, such as for bid submissions. This feature ensures efficient CV management and accessibility for a variety of organizational purposes.


Jahopp provides a holistic platform that encompasses a range of features, including the Event Module, alongside the On-Site Training Module. The Event Module is designed for efficient management of diverse events, such as conferences or major kick-offs. Participants can seamlessly reserve their spots for events directly on the platform, similar to booking a seat for a classroom course. Administrators also have the flexibility to manually register participants. Upon registration, participants receive a confirmation email containing all the essential event information. This feature ensures smooth event management and a hassle-free experience for all attendees.


Gamification is the practice of incorporating game elements and mechanics into non-game contexts, including e-learning and online training platforms. Within the realm of a Learning Management System (LMS), gamification serves as a tool to engage and motivate learners by introducing elements of competition, achievement, and enjoyment into the learning process. This is achieved through features like leaderboards, badges, and rewards, all of which encourage learners to compete with each other and gain recognition for their accomplishments. Gamification can also serve as an incentive for learners to complete courses or specific learning objectives by offering rewards or unlocking additional content or features. The ultimate aim of gamification is to create a more engaging and interactive learning experience. By doing so, it helps learners to better retain knowledge and develop skills effectively.


Gamification is a tried-and-true strategy for driving engagement and active participation in online training. With Jahopp KiP, you have the capability to effortlessly implement leaderboards, adding an element of excitement and challenge to your training program. By introducing a competitive dimension, you can inspire learners to immerse themselves more deeply in the training content and provide them with effective motivation to participate actively. Our platform empowers you to craft leaderboards that showcase learners’ progress and scores, fostering healthy competition among peers. These leaderboards are fully customizable to align with the specific objectives of your training program. Through the use of leaderboards, you can significantly elevate learner motivation and engagement, ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness of your training initiative. With KiP, you possess the tools to cultivate a dynamic and exhilarating learning environment, equipped with features that keep your learners consistently engaged and motivated throughout their training journey.

Messaging and Chat

Elevate your communication and foster collaboration through our user-friendly chat module. This module offers versatile functionality, enabling users to interact with each other within a course or as part of a social platform within your organization. It simplifies direct communication with trainers, providing a private channel for asking questions and seeking clarifications. Additionally, the chat module supports group-based chat channels organized by departments or business roles. This allows users to connect with colleagues and engage in discussions related to specific courses or topics. Users can also extend invitations to their colleagues, seamlessly staying connected and working together. This real-time chat feature serves as a valuable tool for promoting engagement and collaboration among learners.


Quizzes hold a pivotal role within any Learning Management System (LMS) as they offer a valuable means for learners to assess their comprehension and retention of course content. These quizzes can be constructed utilizing a diverse range of question types, including: Single choice questions Multiple choice questions Drag and drop questions Sorting questions “Fill in the blanks” questions Essay questions that necessitate approval by a course leader This variety in question types ensures a comprehensive evaluation of learners’ understanding and knowledge retention, contributing significantly to the overall effectiveness of the learning experience.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication method that simplifies the user login process across multiple applications or services. Instead of requiring users to enter their login credentials separately for each application or service, SSO enables them to authenticate once and gain access to all services without the need for repeated logins. SSO operates through a central authentication platform that maintains user information and authentication credentials. When a user logs in to an application or service, their authentication credentials are transmitted to the central authentication platform. If the user has previously authenticated, the platform verifies their identity and issues an authentication token back to the application or service. This grants the user access without requiring them to enter login credentials again. The advantages of SSO encompass an enhanced user experience, heightened security through the reduction of multiple login credentials to manage, and a lighter administrative workload for organizations by eliminating the need to oversee multiple authentication credentials for each user. In this context, MS 365 serves as the authentication platform.

Translation Module

Our intuitive translation module empowers you to effortlessly translate the platform, creating a seamless multilingual experience. By doing so, you open doors to expanding your reach, boosting traffic and engagement, and venturing into new global markets. This module extends beyond translating course content; it enables the translation of platform pages into multiple languages. With this capability, you can cater to users who prefer navigating in their native language, offering a personalized and inclusive experience that resonates with a diverse audience.

An Engaging and Innovative Learning Experience

Discover our cutting-edge technology designed to revolutionize the way your organization learns. We offer a tailored curriculum that aligns perfectly with your unique needs, ensuring maximum engagement for your team. Our intuitive platform simplifies the management of learning materials and tracking of results. Moreover, our flexible pricing models provide an affordable solution for your educational investments. Step into the future of learning with Jahopp – where innovation meets practicality.