Customer success stories

Discover how our clients' achievements narrate the true success of Jahopp. Tailored learning experiences and cutting-edge knowledge management have empowered numerous organizations to thrive.

Success stories

Read more about some of Jahopp’s customers’ success stories and how the LXP of the future helped them achieve their goals. Our customers use Jahopp in different environments, and the purpose might vary. But they all agree that Jahopp is the solution that helped them meet their internal and external education targets.  

Ulf Bokelund Svensson, CEO Björn Lundén

Björn Lunden was founded in 1987 as a professional education provider in tax, accounting and human resources. Back then the education was mainly onsite, and to keep up with the internet era, Björn Lunden developed online courses and training which kept growing steadily till it became the main source of income.

Johan Appelqvist, Nordic Commercial Development Manager, ANDREAS STIHL NORDEN AB

Back in Germany in 1926, Andreas Stihl developed and manufactured what has been referred to as the first engine-driven one-man chainsaw. The STIHL company has revolutionized the forestry industry, and has been the #1 selling chainsaw brand in the world for decades. Today, the brand is available in 160 countries and has also entered the garden segment, with a big focus on cordless products. Today, the brand is an attractive choice for both homeowners, landscapers and forestry workers around the world.

Camilla Hagberg, Project Manager HusmanHagberg

In the 90s, two successful businessmen named Lennart Hagberg and Mats Dahlström met in a boardroom at Mäklarsamfundets Stockholm Circle with passion for trade. Shortly after the meeting, they decided to collaborate in marketing and sales training, then they founded HusmanHagberg In 1997. It grew rapidly from just 4 offices to over 100 in Sweden and Spain. HusmanHagberg calls everywhere home.