The company

From a small project to a pioneer LXP that aims to change the enterprise learning management industry.

About us

At Jahopp, we’re passionate about delivering the most agile and adaptable cloud-based Learning Experience Platform (LXP) in the market. Our smart and customizable software portfolio was initially developed to meet the demanding needs of a major Swedish global enterprise.

Since then, we’ve been on a mission to disrupt the way organizations approach learning and development. Our broad set of integrated modules covers the entire lifecycle of talent development, and our customer-centric approach has made us a fast-growing leader in personalized people development software.

Since our first release in 2016 we’re proud to serve brands like STIHL, Sh Bygg, Europcar, Taxi Stockholm and HusmanHagberg as well as public sector organizations.

“By offering a wide range of integrated modules that cover the entire lifecycle, we have challenged traditional methods of knowledge development.”

William Moradi – Managing Director

The Mission

Our main goal when we developed the solution was that it should be easy for the users. We wanted to build the solution of the LMS future, a solution that is flexible and scalable. A solution that can grow with your business that comes with insights at all levels. A solution that manages current and future file formats. We are talking about a platform that is so adaptable that it can begin as a button in your environment to become fully integrated in your CMS.

The Product

Jahopp is a learning experience platform (LXP) that helps organizations boost their onboarding, internal education and maximize their staff productivity.

What differentiates Jahopp KiP from the competition is the fact it was built from a client’s perspective from day one plus (and not limited to) the unique features below

  • Easy to use dashboard to allow reporting and statistics at users’ level.
  • Fully customized to the customer’s branding or visual identity.
  • Integrated with the customer’s own platform or CMS.
  • Combine a number of features into one, there are unlimited number of portals and integrations supported from the same database
  • Build responsive courses directly in the platform that allows 100% mobility.

Customer Success Stories:

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