Our platform

Jahopp is challenging the global e-learning market with an innovative, simple and cost efficient solution that offers more than traditional LMS vendors. With Jahopp we provide our customers with unique flexibility within their own learning platform.

We offer a module-based platform where customer needs and requirements determine the functionality of the platform and not the other way around. With responsive design, statistics, reports, permission levels, course programs, certifications, on-site trainings, event booking and much more – this is the complete solution.

Feedback from our customers has been fantastic and experience from the market shows that Jahopp is easy to use and a powerful tool to increase knowledge within organizations while at the same time maintain flexibility. Jahopp can be fully customized to fit your organisation’s brand identity.

Our dynamic solution can be used on any device like tablet, smartphone or computer. Our authoring tool allows you to manage different languages in the same platform.

Onboarding with LXP

Unlock the Power of Onboarding with Jahopp: The Leading LXP for Modern E-Learning

In today’s dynamic e-learning landscape, Jahopp stands out, offering a groundbreaking solution that not only challenges but also outperforms traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS). Consider Jahopp for your onboarding needs and tap into a realm of unmatched flexibility and innovation.

Why Choose Jahopp for Onboarding?

  1. Tailored Modules for Unique Needs: Jahopp KiP’s module-based design ensures it molds to your organization’s distinct requirements. From responsive designs and detailed analytics to structured course programs and event bookings, it’s an all-in-one solution for comprehensive learning management.
  2. User-Centric Interface: Our satisfied clientele can’t stop talking about the platform’s ease of use and the transformative effect it has on organizational knowledge enhancement.
  3. Brand Integration: Jahopp isn’t just another tool; it’s an extension of your brand. Customize it to resonate with your organization’s identity for a flawless integration experience.
  4. Versatility at its Best: Whether accessed from a tablet, smartphone, or computer, Jahopp promises a consistent and engaging learning experience. Its intuitive authoring tool also supports multiple languages, promoting global collaboration.

In essence, Jahopp is more than just an LMS; it’s the future of e-learning. Embrace the next-gen platform and elevate your organization’s learning journey, empowering your workforce every step of the way

A seamless onboarding process

Leveraging our advanced technology, we can craft a distinct onboarding program that aligns with your organization’s specific requirements, ensuring new employees integrate smoothly and efficiently. Our intuitive tools streamline the management of everything from orientation materials to performance assessments, while our cost-effective pricing models ensure that you can invest in onboarding without straining your budget.

Experience the future of onboarding with Jahopp today!


Jahopp’s LMS platform revolutionizes the way you plan, implement, and assess learning processes. Whether you’re an educational institution, business, or organization, our user-friendly software application is designed to manage and deliver engaging online courses, training programs, and development initiatives. With Jahopp, instructors can effortlessly create and organize course materials, communicate effectively with students, and monitor their progress. Our feature-rich platform includes tools for course creation, multimedia support, assessments and evaluations, and detailed reporting and analytics. No matter your setting—be it schools, universities, businesses, or organizations—Jahopp’s LMS platform caters to your unique needs. Choose from our flexible options and unlock the potential of learning with Jahopp’s LMS platform today!
Jahopp’s LMS platform empowers organizations to plan, deliver, and track employee training with ease. By adopting our user-friendly software, your company can enjoy a range of benefits: Streamlined Efficiency: Simplify the training process for trainers and learners, saving valuable time and resources. Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting: Gain detailed insights into employee progress and completion, supporting performance evaluations and targeted training. Enhanced Engagement and Retention: Foster interactive and personalized learning experiences that increase employee engagement and retention of new knowledge. Cost Savings: Reduce expenses associated with in-person training sessions, travel, and production/distribution of training materials. Flexible Access: Enable employees to access training materials and complete coursework at their convenience, ideal for remote workers or those with busy schedules. Invest in Jahopp’s LMS platform to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s training and development initiatives.
Assess Your Needs: Identify your training goals, number of employees, and desired LMS features. Set Up and Configure: Customize the LMS to your needs by creating accounts, uploading materials, and setting up coursework. Train Employees: Provide comprehensive training on using the LMS, accessing materials, and tracking progress. Monitor and Improve: Continuously monitor usage, gather feedback, and make adjustments to enhance the system’s effectiveness. Implementing an LMS doesn’t have to be daunting. With Jahopp, you’ll enjoy a seamless experience and reap the rewards of a powerful training and development platform.
Boosted Efficiency: Streamline training processes for both trainers and learners, freeing up time and resources for other priorities. Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting: Keep tabs on employee progress and completion, facilitating performance evaluations and targeted training. Enhanced Engagement and Retention: Deliver interactive and personalized learning experiences to increase engagement and retention, leading to improved performance. Cost Savings: Reduce expenses associated with in-person training and the production/distribution of materials. Flexible Access: Empower employees to access training materials and complete coursework at their convenience, ideal for remote or busy individuals. An LMS is a valuable tool for optimizing your company’s training and development efforts. Experience the benefits with Jahopp’s user-friendly LMS platform.
Personnel: Dedicated staff to manage the system, including tasks like uploading materials, tracking progress, and troubleshooting. Training Materials: Access to high-quality content, including videos, text-based materials, quizzes, and interactive elements. Time: Sufficient time and resources for managing a complex training program or a large number of employees. Careful consideration of these resources ensures a successful and efficient LMS. With proper allocation, your LMS will remain up to date and operate smoothly. At Jahopp, we provide support and guidance to help you maintain your LMS effortlessly.